Willie Haddath / Tidal Wave

“Some Kinda’ Lonely” (Phil Dillon, Bill Edwards)
“It’s Beginning to Show” (Phil Dillon, Willie Haddath)
“Now That My Good Thing’s Gone” (Phil Dillon, Dave Duncan)

T. Graham Brown / The Present

“Through The Eyes of a Child” (Phil Dillon/Stuart Ziff/Kim Parent)

Lisa Brokop / Lisa Brokop

“Now That We’re Not a Family” (Phil Dillon)

Jimmy Nalls / Ain’t No Stranger…

“Ain’t No Stranger To The Blues” (Phil Dillon/Jimmy Nalls/Dave Duncan)
“Another Love Like Mine” (Phil Dillon/Jimmy Nalls)
“Hey Brother” (Phil Dillon/Bill Edwards)

Rick Moore & The Mr. Lucky Band / Satisfied

“Act Of Faith” (Phil Dillon/Rick Moore/Bill Edwards)

Michael McGrew / I’d Like To Be The Man…

“When I Found You” (Phil Dillon/Michael McGrew)

Yvonne Schmidt / Nothing But Blue

“Nothin’ Hurts Like The Truth” (Phil Dillon/Stuart Ziff/Mike Caputy)

Dave Duncan / I Don’t Know If That’s True…

“My Good Thing’s Gone” (Phil Dillon/Dave Duncan)

Doug Yeomans / Down To The Roots

“Walk In The Silence” (Phil Dillon/Doug Yeomans)

Kristen Cothron / Love Letters From a Fool

“High On The Blues” (Phil Dillon/Kristen Cothron)
“Your Love” (Phil Dillon/Kristen Cothron)
“Slow Down” (Phil Dillon/Kristen Cothron)

Jason Tyler / It’s a Small Town Thing

“Good Lovin’ Woman” (Phil Dillon/Stuart Ziff/Philip Claypool)
“The Next Voice You Hear” (Phil Dillon/Stuart Ziff/Billy Henderson)
“In Your Angel’s Eyes” (Phil Dillon/ Jason Tyler)
“With You Right Here” (Phil Dillon/ Jason Tyler)
“Watch This” (Phil Dillon/ Jason Tyler)
“Superman” (Phil Dillon/ Jason Tyler)
“From That Kiss On” (Phil Dillon/ Jason Tyler)
“What I Once Had” (Phil Dillon/ Jason Tyler)
“WWW. Gone” (Phil Dillon)